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Staff Organisation - Academic Year 2021 - 2022

Headteacher: Mrs Lucy Corbishley

Class Teacher Learning Support Assistants
Acorns, Squirrels and Hedgehogs
(Early Years, Reception and Year 1)

Mrs Mandie Awford (M-W)

Mrs Vivien Jones (Th-F)

Mrs Charlotte Brown

Mrs Sarah Browning (Pre-School Practitioner)

Miss Emma Button

(Year 2)
Mrs Emily Higginbottom (Tu-Th)
Mrs Sue Fuller (M and F)

Mrs Donna Cogdell

Miss Krissie Watts

Mrs Liz Stedman

Mrs Katie Wood

Miss Emma Button 

(Years 3 & 4)

Mr Sam Nicholls
Mrs Joanne Brown (PPA and ECT cover)

Mrs Sam Hill

Mrs Donna Cogdell

(Years 5 & 6)

Mrs Beverly Whitaker (Tu-F)

Mrs Joanne Brown (M am)

Mrs Sue Fuller (M pm)

Mr Matthew Rogers

Mrs Katie Wood


SENco Mrs Lucy Corbishley
Deputy Headteacher Mrs Beverly Whitaker
Class Teacher - PPA  Mrs Sue Fuller 
ELSA Miss Emma Button
Admin Officer Mrs Carrie Shackleton
Admin Assistant / Data Protection Officer Mrs Liz Duncan

Mr Gavin Bicknell

School Crossing Patrol



Train To Teach in the Foundations School Teaching Alliance Alton

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