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French Home Learning Activities

I have tried to find some activities that the children can use to continue their French work at home if they wish. These are all based on work we have already done in school, so the children should be familiar with the vocabulary.


Below there is a link to a list of YouTube songs. They are good fun to sing along with and the pictures will help you to understand the words. Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything, just see if you can pick out the main words. Enjoy! 


I have also tried to find some activity sheets which can be used to practise the vocabulary we have used in school. The activities are mainly puzzles and for each set of activities I have also tried to find a word mat with all the vocabulary to help you.

I have arranged the activity sheets in classes. Please choose any from your class or from previous classes. For example, Year 2 should just use Year 2 sheets, Year 3 can use sheets from Year 2 and Year 3, Year 6 can use sheets from any class etc. This way, you will find activities based on work we have already done this year and can use activities from previous years as revision. Year 6, we haven't done school equipment yet, but I thought you might like to try these. I hope you enjoy them! Please let me know if you have any problems accessing the activities or the songs. 

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