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What it means to be a Church School

We are proud to be a church aided primary school, affiliated to St Mary's Church in Selborne and the Diocese of Winchester.

If you wish to contact the joint Portsmouth and Winchester Anglican Diocesan Education Team for further information, their details can be found here:


Further details about what it means to be a church school can be found in this PDF.


Collective Worship

All schools must conduct an act of collective worship, broadly Christian in nature each day. Worship is integral to the life and ethos of our school and is led by staff with contributions from pupils and visitors to the school, including Rev. Lesley Leon and Rev. Carrie Woodhouse. 

We hold 4 services in St. Mary’s Church each year: Harvest, Christmas, Easter and Summer. We also support the church in their Harvest and Mothering Sunday Services.

Our Collective Worship is planned to reflect the Church calendar, Christian Values, and individual situations which affect the school, in order to ensure compliance with our trust deed and the SIAMS Evaluation Schedule. We also make explicit our links to St Mary's Church – our rector and his team visit every week to lead worship as well as our termly Church worship.


All parents have the right to withdraw their child from collective worship. The Headteacher will wish to discuss with parents, implications of accommodating the parent’s views on withdrawal. Our worship is inclusive, rooted in the Christian faith, but incorporating stories from other faiths and accessible to all members of the school community, whatever their religious background or stage of development.

Parents are welcome to attend our Church Services.


Church School Council

We work closely with other church schools in the area. Two members of each school meet together half termly to learn from each other. We visit each other’s schools and churches and aim to work together to improve something in our local area. This has included gifting flowers to community members and supporting the night shelter in Winchester.

Collective Worship During the Pandemic

Each week, with the help of our lovely vicars we will share and upload some resources that you can share at home for a weekly worship.  These will all be based around the church calendar.

Week 1 - Epiphany

Week 2 - Baptism

Week 3 - Precious Things

Week 4 - The Wedding at Cana

Week 5 - Candlemas

Week 6 - An Introduction to Lent

Week 7 - The Lord's Prayer

Week 8 - The Lord's Prayer

Week 9 - The Lord's Prayer

Week 10 - The Lord's Prayer

Week 11 - The Lord's Prayer Concluded

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